The first step to becoming an Egg Donor is to fill out our comprehensive online donor application.


Fill out our in-depth questionnaire online including uploading 10-15 photos.


Once you submit your completed online application, our staff will review your application for program suitability.  If you pass our initial review, the next step will be a phone and/or in-person consultation. 

Once consultation is complete, and if you are accepted into the program, you will be sent a "welcome" packet full of more in depth info on our domestic and international programs.  Once the signed documents are returned to us we can begin the matching process.


Once your signed forms are received in our office, you will be placed into the donor database and viewable to prospective parents via password. No identifying information will be visible.  Although Eggspecting cannot guarantee that a donor will ever be chosen, the duration of the matching process is usually a few days to a few months. The matching process depends on who our prospective parents are and what they are looking for in a donor at that time.


Once you have been selected to donate, you will need to complete some appointments and screening tests before you can actually begin treatment. These tests are necessary so that we can confirm that you are eligible to donate your eggs.  As an egg donor you will be required to attend multiple screening appointments which will include, but are not limited to, a psychological evaluation, physical examination, blood work, urine drug testing, and communicable disease screening.  Donor screening is required of all donors and is paid for by the Intended Parents.

Once you have been screened, received medical and psychological clearance, you will move onto the Legal process. Your attorney will be paid for by your Recipients. You will receive a contract from your recipient’s attorney and you will be required to schedule an appointment with your independent legal council to review/revise this contract first draft. Once this contract has been finalized you will receive Legal clearance and will be able to move onto the Medical process


The Average Egg Donation Cycle lasts about 3 months from time of screening. The timeline leading up to the actual aspiration of your eggs may vary from clinic to clinic.

You will be instructed to take Birth Control Pills for anywhere between 2-6 weeks.  During this time the doctor is synchronizing your menstrual cycle with that of the recipients or gestation carrier’s. You will begin to take daily Lupron injections for approximately 14 days. This will suppress your natural menstrual cycle and will help with the synchronizing.  Once your cycle is synched, the doctor will start you on daily injections of follicle stimulating drugs.  These daily injections of stimulating drugs typically last anywhere form 8-14 days.  During this time ultrasound examinations and blood tests are used to evaluate your response to the treatment and blood tests.  When your follicles all mature, you will receive a single trigger injection of HCG.  Approximately 36 hours after this shot, you will undergo the egg retrieval under mild twilight sedation. 

Upon retrieval, Eggspecting will pay your compensation to you from our Donor Trust Account.

Although complications from the hormones or retrieval itself are rare, the possibility of complications still exists.  During this process, Eggspecting will purchase an Oocyte Donor Complications Insurance Policy on your behalf.  This policy will cover you for any medical complications that may occur. 

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