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Eggspecting Inc. is a full service egg donation and reproductive tourism agency that works with intended parents and egg donors both domestically and internationally. We provide services to couples and individuals looking to start or grow a family. We take pride in the personal level of care and commitment given to our clients and egg donors. We understand that this is an extremely intimate experience, therefore, attention to details and confidentially are given with the utmost regard.

Our reputation and experience globally had allowed us to recruit the highest quality egg donors from around the world.

Whether you are seeking an egg donor within the USA, or an egg donor to travel abroad, you can rest assured you have come to the right place. Eggspecting, Inc. is the only choice for Intended Parents who seek quality donors, top notch cycle management, and numerous options for family building worldwide.

We are here to coordinate the egg donor cycle each and every step of the way to give you a positive and stress-free experience. We are honored you have come to us and we will do all that we can to make your dreams of parenthood come true!

About Us


Carrie Bloedorn

Carrie Bloedorn

CEO, Program Director & International Specialist

Carrie Bloedorn first embarked on her journey into the world of fertility years ago when she was selected to donate for several couples from 2004-2008. Her first hand experiences in the world of egg donation lead her to create Eggspecting Inc in 2006. Seeing the rising demand for egg donor cycles abroad, Carrie embarked on a new journey in 2010 to break down international borders and specialize in international egg donation. She currently works with clients all over the world (35 countries and counting) who desire family building options in egg donation and surrogacy friendly countries across the globe. Carrie is a pioneer in international egg donation and cross boarder fertility tourism. Carrie spends many months a year working and living in Usa, Central America, South Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia to better assist our international clients and egg donors. Her expertise in international egg donation is unparalleled in the United States. Carrie is an active member of Resolve, SART, ASRM, ESHRE and is active in international communities to continue to improve cross boarder arrangements and reproductive tourism. Carrie's expertise in cross boarder egg donation arrangements are unmatched in the USA.

"As a mother of twins I understand the immense joys of parenting. My children are the very reason I decided to become an egg donor; and they continue to be my inspiration and encouragement in my quest of helping others achieve their dreams of parenthood. The basic human desire to create and nurture new life transcends all race, religion, and culture. Children are our most beloved gift that we give to the world."

- Carrie Bloedorn.

Reproductive Tourism

Development & Growth

Since early 2011 Eggspecting has been the #1 American egg donation agency for Intended Parents seeking fertility tourism for IVF, Egg donation, and/or Surrogacy outside their home countries.
Eggspecting is a global leader when it comes to providing quality care and affordable options for your family building journey. We offer many family building options to meet your needs and your budget.
Fertility tourism has gained more acknowledgement and popularity in the last few years mostly due to commercial surrogacy bans in many countries and the rising costs in the USA. The large numbers of Surrogates in India, Asia, and Mexico, combined with the affordable overall costs, has created a huge boom in demand for more modern clinics and western practices in these countries.
Carrie Bloedorn was key in developing relationships with IVF doctors all over the world and requiring western standards at all the global clinics she works with, thus opening up more choices for parents across the globe, without sacrificing quality. She pioneered the international egg donor complication insurance policy that now exists; opening the doors for American donors to donate abroad with peace of mind.
To date we have helped couples from 20+ different countries in their journey towards parenthood via USA, India, Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, Cambodia, and Greece. Before 2011 finding quality screened donors to donate abroad was almost impossible. Eggspecting completely changed that! We are the first American agency to openly send American donors abroad and we have revolutionized the way in which American donors going abroad are screened to a much higher quality and standard.
American Egg donors come from every Race, Religion, and Ethnic background giving clients all over the world the most diverse donors to choose from for closely matched family building. American donors can legally be paid for their egg donation; unlike many other donors from other countries. These things combined with the highest level of donor screening, compared to any of the other countries in the world, makes American donors the best choice for Intended Parents across the Globe!
We have now expanded our donor agency into South Africa. We screen our South African egg donors to the exact same quality and standard as our American donors, including genetic testing and psyche evaluations, providing Intended Parents with the same quality of donors but with more affordable overall cost options. Eggspecting is also the only agency in the world to be able to provide egg donor complications insurance on South African egg donors.
Where will your Journey take you?


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Basic Donor Qualifications

Prior to filling out an online application please make sure you meet the following criteria:
  • Donor must be between the ages of 21 and 30.
  • Must be in excellent health.
  • Donors must have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 18-27
  • Non-smoker, non-drug user and is not alcohol dependent
  • No Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • No family history of genetic disorders.
  • No significant family history of Cancer (significant meaning multiple immediate family members).
  • Not undergoing treatment for depression or anxiety.
  • Donor must have obtained a high school diploma.
  • Must have flexibility in daily schedule, for 6-8 weeks, to attend all appointments.
  • Donors cannot be on or have had the Depo Provera shot for at least 8 months be on Nor-Plant or hormonal IUD.
  • Donors cannot have obtained any tattoos, body piercing, or blood transfusions any time within the past 12 months.
  • Willing to go through medical and psychological screening.
  • Willing to consent to drug and nicotine testing.
  • Must be willing to self-administer daily injections or have someone who can administer.
  • Willing to update application/profile semi-annually.


Fill out our in-depth questionnaire online including uploading 10-15 photos.
Once you submit your completed online application, our staff will review your application for program suitability. If you pass our initial review, the next step will be a phone and/or in-person consultation.
Once consultation is complete, and if you are accepted into the program, you will be sent a "welcome" packet full of more in depth info on our domestic and international programs. Once the signed documents are returned to us we can begin the matching process.


Once your signed forms are received in our office, you will be placed into the donor database and viewable to prospective parents via password. No identifying information will be visible. Although Eggspecting cannot guarantee that a donor will ever be chosen, the duration of the matching process is usually a few days to a few months. The matching process depends on who our prospective parents are and what they are looking for in a donor at that time.


Once you have been selected to donate, you will need to complete some appointments and screening tests before you can actually begin treatment. These tests are necessary so that we can confirm that you are eligible to donate your eggs. As an egg donor you will be required to attend multiple screening appointments which will include, but are not limited to, a psychological evaluation, physical examination, blood work, urine drug testing, and communicable disease screening. Donor screening is required of all donors and is paid for by the Intended Parents.
Once you have been screened, received medical and psychological clearance, you will move onto the Legal process. Your attorney will be paid for by your Recipients. You will receive a contract from your recipient’s attorney and you will be required to schedule an appointment with your independent legal council to review/revise this contract first draft. Once this contract has been finalized you will receive Legal clearance and will be able to move onto the Medical process


You will be instructed to take Birth Control Pills for anywhere between 2-6 weeks. During this time the doctor is synchronizing your menstrual cycle with that of the recipients or gestation carrier’s. You will begin to take daily Lupron injections for approximately 14 days. This will suppress your natural menstrual cycle and will help with the synchronizing. Once your cycle is synched, the doctor will start you on daily injections of follicle stimulating drugs. These daily injections of stimulating drugs typically last anywhere form 8-14 days. During this time ultrasound examinations and blood tests are used to evaluate your response to the treatment and blood tests. When your follicles all mature, you will receive a single trigger injection of HCG. Approximately 36 hours after this shot, you will undergo the egg retrieval under mild twilight sedation.
Upon retrieval, Eggspecting will pay your compensation to you from our Donor Trust Account.
Although complications from the hormones or retrieval itself are rare, the possibility of complications still exists. During this process, Eggspecting will purchase an Oocyte Donor Complications Insurance Policy on your behalf. This policy will cover you for any medical complications that may occur.
Although financial compensation is not the only motivating factor for a women to chose to become and egg donor, we believe that an Egg Donor should be compensated for her time commitment, inconvenience and risks involved in egg donation.
As such, donors will be offered compensation from $5,000 to $10,000 per completed retrieval. This compensation is in accordance to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines.
Every case is unique and therefore compensation offered will depend on many variables. Donor fees may vary by region, country of retrieval, and prior donor experience. Your fee will be discussed with you during your consultation with our staff. Donors are paid their full fee upon completion of the retrieval.
As a donor, your Intended Parents (IPs) are responsible for the expenses incurred as a result of the egg donation cycle, in addition to your donor compensation. These expenses including the following:
  • All medical expenses
  • Attorney fee
  • Accidental Donor Insurance
  • Roundtrip coach Airfare or Train fare for you and a companion
  • Hotel room (to be shared by the donor and the travel companion)
  • Ground Transportation
  • Non-accountable/flat rate per diem meal allowance
  • Excessive mileage (paid to any donor who is required to drive over 25 miles one way to get to a fertility clinic or other required appointments) paid at $0.55 cents mile, which includes gas coverage
Eggspecting coordinates in-state, out-of-state, and cross boarder egg donation arrangements.
In-State arrangements refer to cycle in which the donor resides in the same state, or in close proximity, to where the Ip's fertility clinic is located and therefore donor will not be required to travel out of her home state for retrieval. If the donor resides more than 3 hour drive from IP's main fertility clinic than this may be considered an out of state donation.
Out of state arrangement refers to an arrangement in which the donor resides in a state other than the state in which the Intended Parents’ (IPs’) fertility clinic is located, and which requires the donor to travel for approximately 5-8 days to complete the egg donation retrieval.
Clinics vary greatly with regard to their donor protocols. Many clinics allow for an out of state donor to be medically and psychologically screened as well as initially monitored at a clinic local to the donor. In this case, Eggspecting will coordinate all of the necessary arrangements with a fertility clinic local to the donor.
Some clinics require that the donor travel to the clinic’s site for one day to complete all of the medical and psychological screening, which usually requires the donor to stay overnight in a hotel at that location. Most clinics require that the donor travel to the clinic’s site as she approaches her retrieval time so that the last week or so of monitoring is carried out by the IPs’ clinic. In addition to coordinating all of the arrangements with the local screening/monitoring clinic, Eggspecting will coordinate all travel arrangements necessary for an out-of-state arrangement.
Cross Boarder arrangements refer to donor cycles in which the Ip's primary fertility doctor is in another country. With this kind of arrangement the donor will have all her screening done locally but all injections, monitoring, and retrieval are done overseas. This program is optional for all donors and requires a 20 day stay in retrieval country.
Important Note:
The donor is responsible for making arrangements and covering expenses—including gas and mileage—for transportation to and from any clinic and/or appointment that is located less than 25 miles one way (or 50 miles roundtrip) from her home or work address.

Intended Parents

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We truly understand how important and overwhelming choosing the right donor can be. Unlike larger agencies, here at Eggspecting, we know most of our donors very well. We encourage you to contact us, during your search of our database, and to ask us questions about your donor choices so that we can assist you in making the best match possible.
We play a key role as the liaison between you, your donor, and all the professionals involved to make this process run smoothly. We are available to you and your donor via email, telephone and face-to-face meetings from the beginning of the process until completion.
Eggspecting provides the best egg donation choices at a fee that is lower than that of many large agencies. We strive to provide caring, professional, quality service and will match couples and individuals with the most suitable egg donor based on their individual needs.
Donor Criteria for Eggspecting:
  • Donor must be between the ages of 21 and 30
  • Must be in excellent health
  • Donors must have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 18-27
  • Non-smoker, non-drug user and is not alcohol dependent
  • No Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • No family history of genetic disorders
  • No significant family history of Cancer (significant meaning multiple immediate family members)
  • Not undergoing treatment for depression or anxiety
  • Donor must have obtained a high school diploma
  • Must have flexibility in daily schedule, for 6-8 weeks, to attend all appointments
  • Donors cannot be on or have had the Depo Provera shot for at least 8 months be on Nor-Plant or hormonal IUD
  • Donors cannot have obtained any tattoos, body piercing, or blood transfusions any time within the past 12 months
  • Willing to go through medical and psychological screening
  • Willing to consent to drug and nicotine testing
  • Must be willing to self-administer daily injections or have someone who can administer
  • Willing to update application/profile semi-annually

Recipient Information- The Process

Prior to accessing our online donor database we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the process.

Phase 1: Information and Selection

Prospective Parent review Eggspecting's Online Donor Database and select donor(s) interested in working with Initial consultation to explain the process in great detail, determine your needs and expectations, answer all your questions about your donor candidates and check their availability.
Intended Parents may ask additional questions of the Donor that are not addressed in her profile and/or may request to have a phone conversation with the Donor (which we can set up anonymously via conference calling) and/or may request to meet the Donor (if the Donor is agreeable to an open donation)
Once Intended Parents decide to work with a particular Donor, a formal contract between Eggspecting and Intended Parents is completed and initial payment will be due at this time. A Donor’s availability cannot be guaranteed until this fee is submitted and the agreement is signed.

Phase 2: Donor Screening

Upon receipt of the signed agency agreement and initial fees, your donor will begin the Egg Donor screening process. Eggspecting will make contact with your fertility doctor to provide a “matching letter” and to provide necessary information to begin the donor screening. You doctor will also be given a password to view your donor’s full online profile if he/she chooses.
Donor will begin the medical and psychological screening determined by the primary IVF clinic. We will assist your donor in obtaining all of her appointments and keeping you informed each step of the way.
Once the initial screening has been done, and your donor has been psychologically and medically cleared to donate, we will request the remaining funds for the Donor Trust Fund. At this time we will also move onto Legal.

Phase 3: Legal

Once medical and psych clearance has been completed, the Donor and Intended Parents will sign an egg donor contract with one another (each party will be represented by an independent attorney). This contract will address all the legal implications of an egg donation agreement, including the legal responsibility of both parties, compensation, agreement terms, ownership of eggs, embryos, and child(ren) resulting from the pregnancy, etc.
Upon receipt of the finalized and signed Egg Donor Agreement by both parties, the drafting attorney will send your doctor a legal clearance letter. This will enable your doctor to begin the medical cycle.
All signed documents/contracts and funds for the Donor Trust Fund must be in place before the donor can start any injectible cycle medications.
Phase 4: Medical
  • Your fertility doctor will begin with the synchronizing of menstrual cycles.
  • Fertility drugs will be given to your donor so that her ovaries are stimulated to produce many eggs
  • While the donor’s ovaries are being stimulated the Recipient (or surrogate) is receiving treatment to prepare the lining of her uterus to receive the embryos.
  • Under mild sedation, the Donor’s eggs are aspirated utilizing an ultrasound guided needle through the vaginal wall into the ovaries. The donor eggs are then mixed with the Intended Father’s sperm and then incubated for 3-5 days to fertilize and to allow the cells to divide. Several embryos are transferred and implanted in the uterus of the Intended Mother (or surrogate) and the remaining embryos are frozen for possible later use.
  • Once we receive confirmation that the retrieval has taken place, we will send the Egg Donor her compensation from the donor Trust Fund.
  • 8-14 days post transfer you will receive a blood test in your doctor’s office to verify if a pregnancy has been achieved.
  • 30-90 days post retrieval, or after all invoices and/or receipts have been received by Eggspecting, you will be provided with a spreadsheet outlining all your Deposits into the Donor Trust Fund and costs incurred by the Egg Donor for your specific cycle. Also at this time, if there is any overpayment or remaining funds in the Donor Trust Fund, you will receive a reimbursement check.
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